Harvest Festivals in Switzerland

Autumn is the season when wine festivals start popping up around the country. Many of them are in the French speaking part of Switzerland but there are also some on the German speaking part.

This is the perfect opportunity for wine lovers to try the wines of the different regions while enjoying a very festive atmosphere.

Fun fact you may not know about Switzerland:

Swiss wine is not very known around the world, mainly because the Swiss prefer to drink all they their wines THEMSELVES. Yep, that’s right. Only about 1-2% is exported outside of Switzerland. Which means that if you want to treat yourself to some Swiss wine, you kinda have to be here.

So here is the list with the upcoming Wine Festivals and Events here in Switzerland:

2nd of September

Twann: A Wine Tasting Event – Above Lake Biel, you will find a wine trail. Along the trail you can try the different regional wines. The tasting glass cost 20.- CHF. When: 2nd to 3rd of September.

Flanthey: A wine Tasting Event – Le Temps du Cornalin celebrates the oldest and most prestigious red wine in Canton Valais. You can get a tasting glass for 20.- CHF and tasting the different wines the region has to offer.

8th of September

La Neuveville: A Wine Festival – A festival with live music, plenty of wine and wine tasting, food stands and a traditional procession. When: from the 08.09-10.09.

Boudry: A Wine Festival – The village invites you to celebrate the harvest season with different concerts, processions, food stands and fun activities. When: from the 08.09-10.09.

Fläsch: A Wine Tasting Event – The village invites you to try their selection while strolling around the village. A tasting glass cost 20.- and the event will take place between the 08.09-10.09.

9th of September

Spiez: A Wine Festival – The Spiezer Läset-Fest is a traditional wine festival on Lake Thun. It is also the only wine festival of its kind in the Bernese Oberland. Here you will find a festive market, a traditional procession with over 30 decorated carriages, wine and more! When: 09.09-11.09.

Féchy: A Wine Festival – An adorable little wine festival in the French speaking part of Switzerland. The Wine Tasting glass cost 15.- and here you will find folklore and music. As well as local producers and food stands and kids workshops.

Ollon: A Wine Tasting Event – Have a walk in all the vineyard of Ollon to discover their vineyards as well as culinary specialities.

15th of September

Geneva: Russin, a wine village of the canton of Geneva that celebrates the vineyard and wine each year. Many cellars and farmhouses welcome you for a tasting of Genevan wines. With activities for kids and a fair like atmosphere. When: 15-17.09.

16th of September

Môtier: A Wine Festival – The village of Praz invites you to enjoy concerts, delicious food, wine and a traditional procession. When: between the 16.09-17.09.

Ligerz: A cozy Wine Festival in the heart of the picturesque winegrowing village of Ligerz. When: 16-17.09.

22nd of September

Neuchâtel: A huge Wine Festival – The colorful city of Neuchâtel invited you to celebrate the Grape Harvest Festival, with a grandiose procession, buckets of wine, food stands, “Guggenmusik” and more. When: 22.09-24.09. Notice that you must purchase a braclete to pay for things in the festival.

23rd of September

Erlach: A Wine Festival – Experience a colorful parade and enjoy a cheerful festival with culinary delights and musical entertainment in the heart of Erlach, a medieval town on Lake Biel. When: in the last 2 weekends of September.

29th of September

Döttingen: A Wine Festival – The largest wine festival in German-speaking Switzerland. 3 Days celebrating the harvest season with tasting booths, a huge parade on Sunday, Luna park, music entertainment, food stands and more! When: 29.09-01.10.

Cortaillod: A Wine Festival – with Stands, musical entertainment and a procession in the heart of the old village. When: 29-30.09.

Nyon: A Wine Festival – The little town on the lake invites you to try the amazing wines from the region. When: 29-30.09.

30th of September

Hallau: Autumn Festival with a parade and various stands in the decorated village. When: 29.09-01.10.

6th of October

Cheyres: A Wine Festival – the wine-making village of Cheyres will be transformed into one large open-air party venue. There will be bars, music, dancing and lots of fun for everyone. When: 06.10-08.10.

20th of October

Twann: A Wine Festival – The “Trüelete” is the largest and best-known grape festival on Lake Biel. With Local wines and culinary specialties, a wine fountain, kids activities and a small Luna Park. When: 20-22.10.

So this is it! I hope that you will have the best time and enjoy the these fun traditional events while trying delicious Swiss wines!

You can also combine it with some golden hikes in the vineyards- Enjoy!

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