Swiss Alpine Festivals

I know that I’ve created for you an entire post with all the events that take place in September here in Switzerland. But, as I got many requests from you for a curated list including Alpine Festivals only – here it is!

What’s the reason behind the traditional Swiss Alpine Festivals?

The festivals are an old Alpine tradition. They have been created to celebrate the return of the cows from their summer vacations in the mountains to the warm stables. Every beginning of autumn, as the temperatures are going down, the farmers are decorating their cows with beautiful flowers. Hiking down to the villages with colorful magical parades. In most villages you will also find cute little markets, delicious Swiss cheese and some traditional dishes. Occasionally as well- yodeling, flags throwing and alphorn.

So here is the list with the Alpine events taking place this autumn:

2nd of September

Gstaad: The alpine Festival in Gstaad is one of the most beautiful events. With a traditional parade going through the magical village. In addition to the parade you will also find cute little stands selling regional products.

9th of September

Müstair: Alpine Festival – S-chargiada d’Alp with music and folklore. The arrival of the cows is expected around 13:30.

Wassen: Alpine Festival – What to expect: magnificently decorated cows walking back down to the valley with the alpine farmers, surrounded by a large village festival. When: 09:00-16:00.

Breil / Brigels: During the Alpabzug – Romansh “Scargada” – on September 9th, around 600 animals make their way from the five Brigelser Alps into the valley.

15th of September

Sumiswald: Alpine festival- the villages of Sumiswald and Wasen, celebrate the return of the cows from the summer pastures with traditional spirit.

16th of September

Klosters: Alpine Festival- offering culinary delights, entertainment and cows parade.

Innertkirchen: Alpine Festival in the beautiful Bern Oberland.

Einsiedeln: Alpine Festival- This event happen here only every 5 years with animals parade of the cows and the sheeps coming back home from the alpine pastures.

Flims: Alpine Festival- with a decorated cows parade, live music and a market.

La Fouly: Alpine Festival – from 10:00, a parade of the herds from Val Ferret and Espace Mont-Blanc.

Urnäsch: Alpine Festival- with the herds expected to pass through the village between 09:00-13:00.

Blatten bei Naters: Alpine Festival- with country music and cows parade.

18th of September

Bern: Traditional Event – “Sichlete” on the Bundesplatz. You can expect the alpine procession from the NPZ over the Kornhausbrücke to the Bundesplatz, delicious products from the six regions, mother cows with calves, a petting zoo, delicious food and drink and much more. When: 10:00-17:00.

23rd of September

Schüpfheim: Alpine Festival- The Entlebucher Alpabfahrt has grown into a huge street festival, one of the largest alpine descents in Switzerland and a kind of “small yodeling festival”.

Les Charbonnières: Alpine Festival- More than 4,000 people come to this local festival where they can enjoy the cows parade, a local produce market, traditional entertainment and, above all, a chance to taste the first vacherin of the season.

Charmey: Alpine Festival- The Festival of the Descent from the Alpes is Charmey’s flagship event with folklore music and cows parade.

Blonay: Alpine Festival – with a cows procession, food stands and regional products.

Schwarzsee: Alpine Festival- A traditional event with decorated cows and fun fair.

Lignières: Alpine Festival- with a festive ambience and cows parade.

24th of September

Ennetburgen: Alpine Festival – in the small village of Nidwalden.

30th of September

St-Cergue: Alpine Festival- The descent of the cows is the reason for a big traditional festival called Désalpe. In the Vaud Jura above Nyon, the St-Cergue Resort continues this tradition every autumn.

Albeuve: Alpine Festival – with traditional music, colorful cows parade and local products.

Semsales: Alpine Festival- a living and authentic custom with cows parade, Alphorns, bell ringers, craft market and local food stands.

L’Etivaz: Alpine Festival – On this day the cows are decorated with their most beautiful bells. The herds of cattle accompanied by the herdsmen – local name for “Alphirt” – are cheered upon their arrival in the village.

Kerns: Alpine Festival – The alpine descent is a colorful piece of living tradition and real customs.

1st of October

Elm: The Alpine festival takes place for the third time in the village of Elm. In the streets and alleys of the village that was awarded the Wakker Prize in 1981! The cows parade is expected around 14:30 but I recommend being there in advance as the time is very approximate.

7th of October

Seewis: Invites you to 2 days of culture, entertainment and culinary delights. The parade will take place on Saturday around 11:30.

13th of October

Romainmôtier: The authentic, lively “Les Sonnailles” of Romainmôtier is a meeting point for ranchers and Swiss cowbell lovers. “Les Sonnailles” takes place in Champbaillard, above the famous abbey church and the medieval village of Romainmôtier. With around 15,000 visitors!

14th of October

Lenk im Simmental: an Alpine festival with beautifully decorated cows and local market.

So that’s it for now!

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