New Year in Switzerland: A Guide to Festivities Across Cities

As the countdown to the New Year begins, Switzerland prepares to welcome 2024 with a spectacular array of events and celebrations. If you find yourself in the picturesque Swiss landscape during this festive season, here’s a guide to some of the must-attend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day events across various cities.

1. Lucerne: A Symphony of Fireworks on Lake Lucerne
Date: January 1, 2024
Fireworks Time: 20:15

Start the year with a bang in Lucerne as the night sky above Lake Lucerne comes alive with a mesmerizing fireworks display. Gather along the shores and witness a symphony of colors illuminating the serene waters.

Insider tip: from the pier and along the quay you can enjoy an optimal view of the spectacle.

2. Zurich: Music, Lights, and Midnight Fireworks
Date: January 1, 2024
Time: The festivities start at 14:00, Fireworks at 00:20-00:35

Zurich welcomes the new year in style, combining music, lights, and the melodious chimes of church bells. At the stroke of midnight, experience a grand fireworks display over the enchanting Lake Zurich, creating a magical atmosphere to kick off the year. The program can be found here.

3. Geneva: Party at Quai Gustave-Ador
Date: December 31, 2023
Time: Party starts at 20:00 . The fireworks at Midnight

Join the lively celebrations at Quai Gustave-Ador in Geneva, where music sets the mood for a festive night leading up to spectacular midnight fireworks. Revel in the joyous atmosphere as you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

4. Interlaken: Fireworks on the Höhematte
Date: January 1, 2024
Time: Fireworks at 19:45

For a breathtaking start to the year, head to Interlaken and witness a dazzling fireworks display over the Höhematte. The picturesque setting adds a touch of magic to the festivities, creating unforgettable memories.

5. Bern: Traditional Procession from Laupen Castle
Date: December 31, 2023
Time: 20:00

Experience a unique New Year’s Eve in Bern with a grand procession featuring participants adorned in intriguing and spooky outfits. The parade begins at the historic Laupen Castle, promising an evening filled with mystery and excitement.

6. Ascona: Piazza G. Motta Extravaganza
Date: January 1, 2024
Time: 18:30

Ascona invites you to Piazza G. Motta for a charming New Year’s Day fireworks display at 18:30. The lively square provides the perfect backdrop for an early evening celebration, surrounded by the warmth of community and the brilliance of pyrotechnics.

7. Lausanne: Midnight Cathedral Burning Ceremony
Date: December 31, 2023
Time: Midnight

In Lausanne, a unique tradition unfolds at the stroke of midnight on December 31. Join locals and visitors alike in witnessing the burning cathedral ceremony, accompanied by a friendly atmosphere, champagne, and mulled wine.

Embrace the spirit of celebration and welcome 2024 in the heart of Switzerland, where each city promises a distinct and unforgettable New Year’s experience. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous New Year!

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