Best Coffee Places in Geneva

I’m a big fan of coffee. Like literally. And I know how difficult it may be to find a good cup of coffee. Personally I experienced the struggle many times as a coffee lover, There is nothing worse than getting a cup full of burnt coffee.

Therefore, in order to save for you the Morning struggle (or basically any time of the day) I gathered here a nice list of places with delicious coffee.


Boréal has 3 coffee shops here in Geneva, their concept is quite loved by the locals since it’s very chill and relaxed. You can find here many colorful furniture in styles that create interesting cozy harmony. The coffee is delicious and it can also be a nice place to bring your laptop if it doesn’t get too crowded. Vegan friendly.

La Bastide Café

La Bastide is a super cozy and beautiful little coffee in the old town of Geneva. They offer different pastries and a menu of breakfast options. There is a little terrace in the front looking at the street, and a beautiful back garden with an olive tree in the back. Their coffee is relatively light yet well made, so if you’re interested in stronger coffee I’d recommend asking for additional shot or even ordering a Flat White.


Ferdinand is a little coffee shop in the old town of Geneva. Quite precisely in the oldest square in Geneva: Place de Bourg Four. Their strong and delicious coffee is roasted in Switzerland and they get it freshly delivered once a week. Along with incredible coffee they have homemade pastries and friendly stuff.

They also offer cold brew made in the place and they have a Michelin star Chef who cooks the meals if you’re interested for lunch as well. All the dishes served are under 25 CHF.

Ferdinand is Vegan Friendly and Laptop Friendly so don’t hesitate to grab your laptop!

Green Gorilla Coffee

The Green Gorilla is all about good coffee and healthy food– a combo that I definitely admire. They offer as well a variety of smoothies with different superfoods and some toasts and salads. Another plus point is that they work with eco- friendly materials and sustainable packaging.


Filomena is a small and lovely little coffee-shop in the area of Pâquis, with wonderful aromatic coffee and a surprising variety of drinks (some which are very original and colorful!). They use high quality coffee beans and favorite local products. You can also find here some bowls, pastries and salads as well as good options for brunch which they offer daily.

The Barista Lab

The Barista Lab offers high quality coffee from fair trade producers. Their coffee is delicious and they use 100% biodegradable packaging and cups made from the recycled shells of coffee beans.

They offer as well vegan and gluten free options. On weekends you can enjoy sweet and salty brunch options- which are definitely their highlight and even healthy bowls.

My Little Cup

Another amazing place with great coffee is “My Little Cup”. The location is perfect after a stroll around the lake in the area of Quai Wilson, Perle du Lac or park Mon Repos. My Little Cup has a relaxing vibe that is also suitable as a work space so don’t hesitate to bring your computer.

The little cup makes sure to work directly with the farmers in order to ensure a fair trade and delicious coffee.


Utopia has lovely little boho style coffee shops with organic coffee and tea. Their coffee is roasted here in Switzerland (in Gland) and their menu include a nice amount of sandwiches, salads and pastries. They also serve incredible brunch every day of the week with both salty and sweet options.

Vegan friendly, Laptop friendly.

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