10 Things to See in Payerne

Welcome to Payerne, a little Swiss town in the Canton of Vaud. If you’re planning a trip to Payerne you’re probably wondering about the best things to see and visit on your trip. So I gathered for you here a list with the 10 best places you need to see!

Payerne is perfect for a Day Trip but you can also combine it with its neighboring towns such as Avenches, Yverdon les Bains or even Fribourg.

Here are the places you need to see:
1. Visit the famous Abby Church

Payerne’s Abbey Church, a gem of Romanesque architecture in Switzerland, dating back to first third of the 11th century on the foundation of previous churches. Payerne was a Cluniac priory from the 10th century, and therefore received donations from the kingdom of Burgundy. It is also the largest Romanesque building in Switzerland!

2. Wonder around the cloister courtyard

The Cloister’s Courtyard- which was the former seat of the monks who ruled Payerne before they were kicked out for asking for too much taxes. When visiting the Courtyard you will find that the houses are still intact. There is a stunning fountain there and a closed water well.

3. Chill at the Ancient Market Square

The Ancient Market square has plenty of cute little benches and nice view points to the town itself. Its the perfect place for a relaxed picnic or to stop for a break.

4. The Banneret Fountain

If you’ve ever been to Bern you will notice that this knight is almost identical to the banneret on the Vennerbrunnen in Bern. That’s because Bern had a major influence on Payerne in the mid-16th century. The banner-wielding knight who stands proudly at the top of this fountain dates back to 1542.

5. Visit the colorful Old Town

The Old Town of Payerne is well preserved, you can simply wonder between the narrow streets, have a sit in one of the cafés and restaurants or enjoys some shopping.

6. The Courthouse

The current courthouse building formerly Payerne’s town hall, is dating back to the second half of the 16th century. You can find similarities between this building, the “Rathaus” in Bern and the town hall in Fribourg, both of which were tied to Payerne throughout a “Burgrecht” pact of alliance.

7. Visit The Deer Park

“Parc aux biches”- dates all the way back to 1891 is an adorable place to visit. First because of the cute little deer and also there is a small promenade neck by. You can also feed them with dry bread if you happen to have some- and there is a clear sign forbidding from giving them fresh bread for some reason.

8. Check the old fortifications

The city walls were an important status symbol and a display of solidarity to the outside world, But once the people of Payerne kicked the monks they decided to break most of the walls since in their opinion their enemies were not outside of the town but more inside.

9. The “Tour Barraud”

The “Tour Barraud” is the only surviving remnant of the town’s defensive walls. It would have been part of a long wall, with three gateways and various towers.

10. Walk by the little river

There is a thin river passing in Payerne. In the past the Broye River was passing there but it changed around the 19th century. Nowadays you can walk next to it or simply have a quiet picnic.

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