The Belle Epoque Train-All you need to know!

The GoldenPass Belle Epoque train is definitely one of Switzerland’s most prestigious trains you can take. The interior design will make you feel like a 19th century royalty and the view to Lake Geneva and the mountains will hypnotize you.

Practical information:
  • The Belle epoque train route is from Montreux to Zweisimmen and back.
  • You need to make sure when you book your ticket that it’s the Belle Epoque train and not the GoldenPass panoramic. Since both trains do this route. The GoldenPass panoramic has a different interior with modern style and big windows.
  • The ticket is included in your Day Pass if you have one.
Let’s talk prices:

So I took the train from Montreux to Gstaad in the 2nd Class, don’t be confused by the pics. I was simply way too excited by how pretty it is inside. That I literally had to take pics everywhere, and by the way it looks you can’t really blame me lol. In any case I was pretty happy with my 2nd Class choice as it turned to be just as beautiful as the 1st class. In my opinion the only difference was the size of the chairs but I’ll let you judge.

Prices 1st Class:

The route from Montreux to Zweisimmen: Half Fare 29.- / Normal 58.-

From Montreux to Gstaad: Half Fare 23.-/ Normal 46.-

Prices 2nd Class:

Montreux to Zweisimmen: Half Fare 16.50.- / Normal 33.-

Montreux to Gstaad: Half fare 13.-/ normal: 26.-

Notes: There is a possibility to reserve a seat but that’s an addition of 9 CHF. We went on a summer Saturday morning and it was pretty packed but we were lucky enough to get a seat. I’d say if you’re going during the week the chances of needing a reservation is low but on weekends it might be smart to keep it as an option.

The Belle Epoque Train’s Inspiration

The GoldenPass MOB Belle Epoque Train design is both romantic and retro styled. The coaches inspiration is by the Golden Mountain Pullman Express from the 1930s. It was a luxury train in the style of Orient Express that was short lived due to the economic crisis of the period.

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