2024: Cheese Festivals & Markets in Switzerland 

Switzerland is known for the cheese, cheese and cheese. So in this list, you can find all the upcoming cheesy events! Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich world of Swiss cheese cause 2024 is packed with events celebrating this beloved culinary tradition. Here’s your guide to the top festivals and markets:


Frauenfeld – September 7th: Käsefest Frauenfeld “Zu Gast beim Herbst- und Erntefest” – Celebrate the harvest season with a variety of regional cheeses and festive activities.

Grindelwald – September 15th: Bernese Oberland Cheese Festival – Witness the crowning of the best Alpine cheeses at this prestigious competition, with a bustling market and traditional festivities.

Justistal Sigriswil – September 20th: Chästeilet – Experience a centuries-old tradition of cheese sharing as the alpine summer comes to a close in the Justistal Valley. Witness seven of nine local alps unite at the Spycher to share their cheese stores, a custom dating back nearly 300 years.

Les Charbonnières – September 21st: Vacherin Mont-d’Or Festival – Indulge in the creamy goodness of Vacherin Mont-d’Or, a seasonal cheese with a unique flavor profile.

Iseltwald – September 21st: Chästeilet – A charming lakeside village hosts this market offering a selection of local cheeses and artisanal products.

Huttwil – September 21st-22nd: Cheese Festival Huttwil – A two-day extravaganza featuring cheese tastings, cooking demonstrations, and entertainment for all ages.

Wengen – September 22nd: Cheese Festival – Enjoy panoramic mountain views while sampling an array of regional cheeses and specialties.

L’Etivaz – September 28th: Desalpe de L’Etivaz – Experience the traditional descent of the cows from the alpine pastures, accompanied by cheese-making demonstrations and festivities.

Thun – September 28th: Cheese Market – Discover a wide variety of cheeses from the Bernese Oberland region, along with fresh produce and local crafts.

Entlebuch – September 28th: Alpabfahrt – Celebrate the return of the cows from the Alps with a colorful parade, music, and, of course, plenty of cheese.

Mürren – September 29th: Chästeilet Winteregg – Head to the mountains for this unique cheese market with stunning views and a cozy atmosphere.


Lugano – October 5th-6th: Lugano Cheese Festival – Explore the diverse world of Swiss cheese, with tastings, workshops, and a festive market.

Elm – October 6th: Alpchäsmarkt – Experience the authentic atmosphere of an Alpine cheese market, where farmers sell their homemade cheeses directly to consumers.

Bern – October 12th: Cheese Festival – The Swiss capital hosts a vibrant cheese market showcasing the best of the country’s cheese-making heritage.

Bellinzona – October 13th: Autumn Festival & Cheese Market – Enjoy the autumnal ambiance of this historic town while sampling a variety of regional cheeses and specialties.

Luzern – October 19th: Cheese Festival – The largest cheese market in Central Switzerland, offering a vast selection of cheeses from the region and beyond.

Appenzell – October 26th-27th: Cheese Festival – Discover the unique traditions of Appenzeller cheese-making, with demonstrations, tastings, and a festive atmosphere.

Montreux – October 26th-27th: Cheese Market – Stroll along the scenic shores of Lake Geneva while enjoying a variety of regional cheeses and artisanal products.


Rapperswil-Jona – November 9th: Cheese Festival – A charming lakeside town hosts this market celebrating the diversity of Swiss cheese, with tastings, workshops, and entertainment.

Hope you’ll have an amazing time sampling the huge diversity of cheeses around Switzerland!

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