Swiss Pumpkin Festival

It’s the season again! Honestly I’m so excited- The smell of pumpkin soups and wonderful cakes and pastries starts to appear in the air. And along with it you can find beautiful pumpkin festivals that you can visit FREE of charge. Btw, if you want to see the reel I’ve created about it in my recent visit- here is is.

So let’s get into the details:

There are several farms where you can enjoy the pumpkin festivals. The locations are: Seegräben, Jona, Rafz and Kloten. The one that I’ve been to this Saturday was in Seegräben. It’s a magical location with views to lake Pfäffikersee, a vineyard, a restaurant, lovely garden and a store. Located only one hour from Zurich.

How to get there:

By Train- You can take the train from Zurich to Aathal. It takes around 26 minutes to which you should add a 20 minutes walk from Aathal station to the Jucker Farm.

By Car- It takes around 30min by car to get to the farm. However, the parking space is quite limited and it might be difficult to find space.

This year’s theme is Women Power and you will find a variety of pumpkin figures such as Marge from the Simpsons, Cleopatra, Jeanne d’Arc and more!

The entrance fee is FREE of charge and the festival is taking place from the 2nd of September till the 29th of October in the Seegräben location. And till Mid-November in other locations.

What can you expect there:

Besides the giant pumpkin statues, there is a restaurant with fresh food from the farm where you can grab a bite and enjoy it at the stunning garden with lake view. Picnic is not allowed in the farm (and to be honest they have been created a free pumpkin festival so the least we can do to support their hard work is buying something)

The pumpkin soup is very recommended!

If you’re more on a budget you can check the store- I’ve seen people buying hot dogs and there is a communal fire area were you can grill them- I’m so going to do that next time!

There is also a cute petting area with goats, and you can even feed them with food from the farm.

Also, they’ve got a great variety of pumpkins and their Halloweens ones look PERFECT for carving- can’t wait!

So I really hope that this helps you plan your trip to one of the pumpkin festivals and may you have a blast:)

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