January in Switzerland

Happy New Year my fellow travelers and welcome to January in Switzerland!

If you’re kicking off the year in Switzerland, you’re in for a treat! January in this stunning country is like stepping into a winter fairy tale, filled with cool events and cozy vibes. From dazzling light shows to lively celebrations, there’s something for everyone. So, grab your warmest jacket, and let’s dive into the awesome happenings that make January in Switzerland absolutely epic. Ready for a chill adventure? Let’s go!

Fun Events in January:

1st of January

Pigs race in Klosters: Yep, that’s right. Pigs race. Because Switzerland is always full of hilarious events. I haven’t seen it yet myself but it’s high on my bucket list as the event seem like a must.

Traditional Masks and trychlers in Habkern: Now this one is a Fun and crazy Swiss traditional event. Where you will find masks and bells around Habkern. In addition to some strange figures trying to scare away the evil spirits! So I suggest you bring your best costume and make sure to be there at 13:00.

Carnival in Büren an der Aare: One of Switzerland’s first carnivals is happening close to Biel from the 01.01-02.01. The carnival will start at 04:45 a.m. on the first of January with a gun shot and a parade. But don’t worry if you’re not the earlierst of birds. Afterwards you will find celebrations and music around town and another parade at 14:30. However the 2nd of January will be mainly dedicated for the kids.

Pelzmartiga Kandersteg: A traditional event in Kandersteg with the Pezlm-like creatures mingle with the winter guests and frighten passers-by with the rattling of chains and stroking, with which they literally make a “hell of a racket”

7th of January

Stuckli Balloon Fiesta: Every winter, the colorful hot air balloon launch amidst the snowy landscape is a winter experience of a special kind.

11th of January

The light festival in Lucerne: Lucerne is always beautiful and always an amazing destination to visit. But during the light festival It’s even more enchanting than usual! The festival will take place from the 11.01-21.01 in various locations around town. Don’t miss it!

13th of January

The old new year in Appenzell: The incredible old Appenzeller tradition of the Silvesterchläuse is wondering around the magical canton. This is one of the most beautiful traditions here in Switzerland and highly recommended! Since they will be found in many different places in different hours best is if you look at the link under the towns that you plan to visit.

A Traditional horn sledge race: The race of the courageous horn sledge drivers in Sattel-Hochstuckli promises an amusing, entertaining and nostalgic winter experience.

Carnival Market in Brunnen: Central Switzerland Carnival Market will take place in Brunnen from 10:00 to 18:00. Offering costumes, masks, hats, glasses, badges, flashing and luminous articles, instruments, wigs and more.

14th of January

Snow sculpture festival Wintertraum: A Snow sculpture festival in Rorschach. You can experience an unforgettable day at Lake Constance with magical underwater worlds sculptures. In addition to culinary surprises, there is a special area for little guests where they can create their own creative mini snow sculptures.

15th of January

World Snow Festival in Grindelwald: The World Snow Festival in Grindelwald is a celebration of icy art, with international artists around the world creating figures and sculptures from 3m high blocks of snow. The festival will take place on 15th – 20th of January 2024. 

17th of January

Murten Light Festival: During 12 days, the Old Town of Murten is going to turn into a lighting show of superlatives. The artistic productions on buildings, in the streets and on the towers of the town will immerse the visitors into a mysterious and magic world. When: 17.01-28.01.

Solothurn Film Festival: the Solothurn Film Festival has presented a selection of Swiss films in the last week of January. The event is the driving force behind Swiss film culture and a meeting place between the audience and filmmakers. When: 17.01-24.01.

19th of January

Witches in Belalp: The craziest descend in Switzerland will happen in Belalp with witches skiing and partying around from the 19.01-20.01. Belalp is known for its long witches traditions and this one is no exception, so bring your longest witch hat and paint your face green to join the party on skis!

Sledge run in the old town in Fribourg: A sledge run in the heart of the old town of Fribourg! Over a weekend the steep street of the “samaritaine” will be covered with snow from the Düdingen ice rink. The slope starts at the rue de la Samaritaine and ends at Place du Petit-St-Jean.

20th of January

International hot air balloon festival in Château-d’Oex: For the 44th time the Swiss hot air balloon festival takes place at Château-d’Oex. More than 70 balloons from many different countries will benefit from the special microclimate and climb into the sky. When: from the 20th to the 28th of January 2024.

21st of January

Belle Epoque week in Kandersteg: During the last week of January, Kandersteg will turn back the clock: The Belle Epoque comes back to life to a nostalgic winter between the 21.01-28.01. This sounds amazing!!! I really hope that I can get my outfit in time, what about you? planning a visit as well?

24th of January

Carnival Nebiopoli in Ticino: The beautiful Italian canton- Ticino is inviting you to kickstart the year with a carnival in Chiasso. The event will take place From 24.01.2024 to 28.01.2024 and the town will turn into the Free Republic of Nebiopoli.

25th of January

Fasnacht in Thun: Every year, the Thun carnival attracts around 30,000 enthusiastic visitors to Thun city center. Here you will find wild costumes, parades and lots of music.

So I hope you’ll have the best time exploring these events around Switzerland! Let me know if there is anything else you think that I should add to the list. Plus, this year I didn’t include any sportive event going around. Feel free to tell me if it’s something that interest you and you want me to include it in the next posts.


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