February Fun Events

February is known as the opening of the carnival season in Switzerland and the craziest month of all. So I suggest you grab a drink and your best outfit while choosing one or several of the suggestions below!

Many of the website linked will only have the native language as an option but a simple right click in your browser should give you the mighty ability to translate them and enjoy the secret info.

So here is your ultimate list of events for this month:

2th of February

Ticino: Nebiopoli – Carnival, The beautiful Italian canton- Ticino is the first one to kick the month off with a carnival in Chiasso. The event will take place from the 02.02-05.02 and the town will turn into the Free Republic of Nebiopoli.

3rd of February

Locarno: Stranociada – The Locarno Festival, will take place from the 03.02-05.02. In this event you can expect some party ambience, masks competition and oddly enough- plenty of risotto.

9th of February

Sainte-Croix: Sainte-Croix Carnival will happen between the 09.02-12.02 thousands come to celebrate a festive weekend with Guggenmusik, a giant meal and even torches procession.

10th of February

Estavayer-le-Lac: The Carnival of Estavayer-le-Lac, invites you from the 10.02-12.02 to confetti battles, mask competitions, Guggenmusik and processions!

Schaffhausen: Schaffhauser Fasnacht– The colorful town of Schaffhausen gets even more colorful from the 10.02-12.02. Here you will find the traditional Guggenmusik, crazy outfits and continuous celebration.

11th of February

The Saas Valley: Fasnacht– The carnival celebrations in the Saas Valley will take place from the 11.02-20.02 in different locations around the Valley. In this link you can find all the dates of the parades, locations and more.

12th of February

Willisau: Willisauer Fasnacht– The carnival in Willisau is WILD. It’s a small town and as unexpected as it may sound, the people of Willisau really know how to party.

14th of February

Olten: Oltner Fasnacht, The magical capital of the Canton of Solothurn invites you to the carnival celebrations on the 14.02. Definitely a whole new and different way to celebrate valentine’s.

16th of February

Blatten: Tschäggättä Parade– A crazy Tschäggättä Parade from Blatten to Ferden starting around 19:45.

Lucerne: Fasnacht in Lucerne– The madness in Lucerne is back this year – where one of the biggest Fasnacht celebrations in Switzerland happen. The carnival will take place from the 16.02-21.01. It will kick off at 05:00 am on the 16th of February and there will be a big procession starting afterwards at 13:45. On the 20.02 the day will start at 06:00 and then there will be an additional procession at 13:45 following with celebrations till the late evening on both days.

Appenzell: Schmutziger Donnerstag– Appenzell is known to be one of the more traditional Cantons in Switzerland which makes it a perfect place to visit during the Fasnacht. The Guggenmusik will start at 20:00.

Brunnen: Brunner carnival, The big Brunner carnival parade runs through the entire village and attracts thousands of spectators every year. The day start at 05:00 in the morning but you can also come later to see the parade at 14:00.

Hochdorf: Morgenstreich– from the 16.02-21.02 Hochdorf becomes a carnival town. On the 16th it starts extremely early in the morning. But then on the 18th and the 20th of February the celebrations takes place in the afternoon while the big parade happens on the 21.02 at 14:00.

Châtel-St-Denis: Carnival– Taking place from the 16th till the 19th of February.

Broc: The Carnival in Broc invites you to celebrate the carnival days from the 16.02-19.02. Insider tip: If you’re already in the area make sure to visit the stunning medieval village of Gruyeres or the chocolate factory Cailler!

Bellinzona: Rabadan– The Bellinzona carnival known as Rabadan has been one of the major events in Ticino for 160 years. In the kingdom of King Rabadan, during 6 days and nights, the foolish event takes place. Besides parades, Guggenmusik concerts, rope pulling tournaments, risotto and luganighe (pork sausages) are distributed in the old town.

18th of February

Fribourg: Carnaval des Bolzes– Happening in Fribourg between the 18th to the 21st of February. The big procession will happen on the 19.02 and cost 10.- CHF for adult mainly for the organization, Kids under 16 years old pay 5.- CHF and under 5 years old it’s free.

20th of February

Weggis: The carnival in Weggis will start already at 05:30 on the 20.02 but for those of you that are not really morning people the good news are that the main parade will happen at 13:30. Route: Seestrasse-Muniseckel-Dorfplatz.

21st of February

Luthern: Luthern has an old costume. Every year the little town pulls a fir tree through the village in a colorful parade. Involving drinks, celebrations and even a piglet. The parade will start at 13:30.

Ascona: Risotto Carnival– The carnival of Ascona is celebrated on Mardi Gras along the beautiful lake promenade on Piazza G. Motta. Along with tasting of risotto and local sausages serves around starting at 12:00.

22nd of February

Herisau: The Gidio Hosestoss Carnival in Herisau will take place around the little town in the mysterious canton of Appenzell with an assembly starting at 14:30.

Splügen: Traditional Pschuuri: A wild old tradition is happening in Splügen every year. The “blacking out” of unmarried young people! If you visit this place during the 22.02 you might find out ash on your face and everyone else’s. That, along with crazy costumes and some eggs made dishes..

23rd of February

Bern: Carnival– The carnival in Bern is the 3rd in its size here in Switzerland! It takes place from the 23.02-25.02 with a fun tradition: After 111 days, the bear is awakened from its hibernation in the cage tower. During the so-called bear liberation – and the carnival begins. In addition to food, drinks and music on the Münsterplatz. There will also be Guggenmusik in the Rathausgasse shortly after the start. On the Friday at 2:30 p.m. the children’s parade starts in the lower Zeughausgasse. At 10:00 p.m., the torchlight procession in Untere Junkerngasse.

24th of February

Zurich: Carnival– The ZüriCarneval is an unforgettable carnival experience in the lively city. Taking place from the 24.02-26.02 with marching bands and great confetti vibes. The carnival will start at 17:00 on the Münsterhof and the parade will happen on the 26.02 at 14:30.

Payerne: The Brandons of Payerne happen from the 24.02-27.02 and it’s one of the oldest carnivals in Switzerland.

25th of February

Neuhausen: The Neuhauser Fasnacht happens between the 25.02-26.02. On the 25th of February a march of Guggen bands will start at 19:00 and the next day on the 26th the procession will take place at 14:00 o’clock.

26th of February

Chur: The carnival in Chur happens between the 26th and the 27th of February with Guggenmusik band starting from 15:00 and on the parade will take place on the 27th at 14:00.

Liestal: The Chienbäse procession is biggest event in the Basel region and undoubtedly the annual highlight in Liestal. Starting at 19:00 and attracting around 50,000 spectators every year! You can find in this YouTube video what it looks like.

Arbon: The parade in the Fasnacht of Arbon will happen on the 16th of February at 14:00.

27th of February

Appenzell: The Buebebloch: The boys of Hundwil, Stein and Schwellbrunn parade their Bloch through the villages every year on the actual Bloch Monday, the Monday after Ash Wednesday. The event start very early in the morning around 4.30 a.m. at Schützenstrasse 11 at the Schafräti restaurant.

Basel: The Basel Fasnacht Carnival begins on the 27.02.-01.03. and signals three days of exceptional fun! Large street parade will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoon with roughly 11,000 costumed participants.

As usual most of the websites are in the original language of the canton but you can always right click and translate them to English in your browser. Have fun! and if you have any questions feel fee to let me know:)

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