Fall into Autumn: Your Epic Swiss Adventure

Autumn in Switzerland means a riot of colors, dramatic landscapes, and an abundance of exciting activities. Here’s your insider’s guide to the ultimate bucket list in the land of cheese, mountains, and more cheese. Buckle up, we’re about to embark on an unforgettable journey.

Alpine Adventures: Hike Your Heart Out

There are several amazing hikes you can do here in autumn:

  • Oeschinensee: A breathtaking panoramic hike in a circular trail. The hike takes around 3 hours and considered moderate (8.5km). Good to know: The cable car closure is by 22.10. Which means that you can still hike it but starting from Kandersteg making it twice as long.
  • Saxer Lücke: A stunning 2.5 round hike (6km) in the Appenzell region. Taking approximately 01:15 H by train from Zurich.
  • Lac Bleu: A Hike to Arolla’s blue lake ( around 7 km both ways). This hike is perfect for catching on the famous larch foliage with its golden colors.

Cheese Festivals: A Dairy Lover’s Dream

Get ready to indulge in the world of Swiss cheese. Visiting one of the Swiss cheese festivals is a wonderful activity in any season and particularly in autumn. There are many different ones around Switzerland, you can check the updated list here.

Fondue Tuk-tuk Tour: Zurich’s Gastronomic Joyride

Zurich offers a culinary adventure like no other – a Fondue Tuk-tuk Tour. Cruise through the city while savoring gooey cheese fondue. The tour teaches you everything you need to know about the city’s top attractions and its hidden secrets. Be sure to make reservations in advance, and check for tour availability and prices. Here is a reel that I made about the tour I took.

Pumpkin Madness: Fall’s Favorite Vegetable

Pumpkin festivals are a thing in Switzerland, and they’re as charming as they sound. You can find different locations by Jucker Farm. The entrance is completely free. You can enjoy watching enormous pumpkins statues, munch on pumpkin pie, and savor the flavors of fall. It’s pumpkin paradise! The locations can be found on their website. Here is a reel from my visit in the Seegräben location.

Lavaux Vineyards: Sip and Savor in Style

Head to the Lavaux vineyards for a sip and hike. These terraced vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva are basically the wine lover’s Disneyland, especially in October. The grapevines turn fiery red, and the views are unreal. Wine tasting here is a bucket-list item for sure. you can find more about it in this blog.

Basel Autumn Fair: Tradition and Fun

If you love colorful fairs- this one is for you. Basel’s Autumn Fair was founded in 1471. For over five centuries, this carnival has delighted visitors with dizzying rides, tasty treats, and lively parades. Make sure to check opening hours and ticket prices on their official website.

Scenic Train Rides: Switzerland’s Panoramic Views

Don’t miss out on Switzerland’s legendary scenic train rides. The Glacier Express and Bernina Express offer breathtaking vistas. Check the timetables, prices, and starting points for these epic journeys.

Bernina Express:

The Bernina Express is like a rollercoaster through the Swiss Alps, except with jaw-dropping scenery and Swiss precision. It kicks off in Chur, Switzerland, and winds its way for about 145 kilometers, crossing into Italy, and finally stopping in Tirano. Buckle up because it’s a 4-hour thrill ride!

Why it’s a must:

  • Mind-Blowing Alpine Views: This train journey is like a Swiss postcard come to life. You’ll be treated to incredible views of the Swiss and Italian Alps, with mountain passes, glistening lakes, and charming villages along the way. Plus, there are those gravity-defying viaducts for the adrenaline junkie in you.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Status: Some of the route, including the iconic Landwasser Viaduct, is so mind-blowingly beautiful that it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s like Mother Nature showing off at her finest.

Glacier Express:

The Glacier Express might be the slowest express train on Earth, but it’s a sightseer’s dream. This 8-hour journey covers around 290 kilometers, starting in Zermatt and rolling through the Alps to either St. Moritz or Davos.

Why it’s a must:

  • Postcard-Worthy Views: The Glacier Express is a slow-motion movie of the Swiss Alps. You’ll soak in breathtaking vistas of towering peaks, glaciers, and lush valleys, all while sipping coffee in comfy seats with large windows. It’s like watching a nature documentary, but you’re in it!
  • First-Class Luxury: This ain’t your average train ride. The Glacier Express pampers you with roomy seats, massive panoramic windows, and even a dining car serving Swiss delights. You can dine like royalty while gazing at the grandeur outside.

Whether you opt for the Bernina Express’s thrilling alpine adventure or the Glacier Express’s relaxed luxury, both are epic train journeys that’ll leave you speechless. So, which will it be, the rollercoaster or the slow-motion movie through the Alps? It’s your ticket to Swiss magic!

So, there you have it, the ultimate Swiss Autumn adventure! From centuries-old fairs to cheesy goodness, hikes, train rides, and animal encounters, Switzerland’s got your fall fix. Get out there and make some memories – just don’t forget to pack that extra sweater!

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