Lavaux- The Swiss Terraced Vineyards

Lavaux is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions. Listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site since 2007, the land stretching from Lutry to Vevey has been shaped by human hands since the 11th century! This is an absolute paradise for wine tourism and in fact, tourism in general.

The most beautiful seasons to visit Lavaux are summer and autumn. In summer you will get to see the grapes growing and in autumn it’s usually the time when the grapes are ready and the leaves start getting yellow, a marvelous sight indeed!

There are a good amount of activities you can do in the area. From hiking and walking to wine tasting, different tours and even a cute little panoramic train.

Here are some hikes and walks you can do from easy to more challenging:

Vineyard walk Chexbres – Vinorama– 36min

Walk Lutry – Grandvaux – Lutry 1h 30min

A calm stroll from St-Saphorin – Corseaux – Vevey– 1h 30min

Walk Cully – Epesses – Rivaz– 1h 30min

The Zigzag trail: Lavaux Vineyard Terraces Lutry – St-Saphorin  3 h 15 min

Vineyard walk through the terraces of Lavaux UNESCO- Starting at Chexbres – 4h 30min

The Great Crossing – Lavaux Vineyard Terraces 8h

How about some wine tasting?

If you’re going on a hike or a walk, chances are that you will find on your way one of those self service stores! They are super cool, inside you’ll discover local products, from swiss bottles of wine to grapes, crackers and even cookies. Should you choose to buy there you can simply place your money in the cashier, take your change and head to one of the benches, tables you’ll find on the way for a nice picnic.

Another fun option is to stop by one of the cellars and treat yourself with some wine tasting. There are packages you can book in advance or simply enter one that is open. The average price is pretty much a steal for swiss standards, I paid 15 CHF for 3 glasses of wine and I even got some cheese to snack with it! it was a delight.

Prices you can expect are between 15-40 CHF. Some places will offer you 3-4 glasses, and some will even top it with a bottle or a glass as souvenir!

Some good options are: Domaine Bovy, Lavaux wines discovery – Vinorama, Fischer Wines, Domaine Pascal Dance.

The little train- Lavaux Panoramic

Another awesome way to explore the area is to take the little train. There are around 5 different tours you can do and the price varies from 11-22 CHF. That depends of course on the length of the tour. Some are only 25min while others are more than 2h.

Plus, There are few that offer a glass of wine included in the price!

(prices for kids are between 6-11 CHF)

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